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The design service covers every aspect of electronics design from the initial concept through to the final product. We can take your idea and design a high quality single or double-sided PCB incorporating any size or type of component that you may require, even down to tiny surface mounted devices. We can also design circuits and write software for PIC microcontrollers. We can then package your design in a suitable case to give it a high quality professional appearance.

IdeaThe Idea

You may have an idea for a product or simply a gadget for around the house but you need someone with the technical knowledge to turn this idea into reality. We can take your idea and design a circuit schematic to start off the design process.

SchematicThe Schematic

Provide us with the schematic diagram for a circuit and we can design a suitable printed circuit board for you including any particular requirements or constraints on the size and shape of the PCB. We can also produce PCB's for items featured in construction articles in electronics magazines.


From your schematic diagram we can design and build a suitable printed circuit board, either single or double-sided and then assemble and test the completed circuit.


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