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The IR remote control repeater is designed to take the signal from a remote control handset and transfer it to another location.

Our popular repeater circuit has now been upgraded to improve compatibility with a wider range of remote controls. The circuit now features an adjustable output frequency which may be tuned to give optimum transmission range.

 infra red remote control repeater

Typical Usage

Imagine the following scenario which occurs in many households...... Your main TV or sound system is in your lounge downstairs, together with VCR, Digital decoder box or Satellite decoder. You have another TV in the bedroom upstairs but you would really like to be able to watch the satellite channels on it. Being of an inventive nature, you decide to add an aerial cable from the decoder downstairs to the TV upstairs. Now you can watch your favourite video or tv channel from the comfort of your bed, but someone has to get out of bed and go downstairs to change the channel or to turn off the VCR.

The solution is to install an infra red repeater circuit. The circuit receives infra red signals from the remote control handset and converts them to an electrical signal. The receiver is installed upstairs and an infra red emitter is installed in a suitable location within sight of the TV or VCR downstairs. A simple two wire connection couples the two devices. Now, from the comfort of your bed, you can use the appropriate remote control handset to control the VCR or Satellite decoder which is downstairs!

Compatible with most remote control handsets operating around 30-40KHz
Output carrier frequency adjustable for maximum transmission distance
No direct electrical connections to the TV, VCR, etc.
Operating range similar to the remote control handset
Small infra red transmitter (5mm diameter) which may be discreetly hidden in the room
Requires external dc supply >7v @ 10mA (current increases when operating)
PCB dimensions 60 x 45mm.

The repeater is supplied in kit form with all components and single-sided PCB together with detailed assembly and operating instructions. Additional parts required include a suitable enclosure, power supply and interconnecting cable for the IR emitter. The IR emitter is included in the kit but additional emitters may be purchased separately.

We can also supply an enclosure and power supply for this product. The kit is also available as a fully built and tested unit for a small additional charge. Basic soldering skills are required to complete the installation of this product.

Repeater Enclosure

Remote Control Repeater and EnclosureDimensions

75 x 50 x 25mm.


Black only available

Other colours out of stock


Repeater Power SupplyRepeater Power Supply

Input 240v 50Hz ac

Output 9v dc @500mA fully regulated

Please state the length of cable required on the PSU when ordering.

PSU Suitable for UK use only.

 Price / Ordering Information
 Order Code  Price

 Remote Control Repeater Kit (enclosure not included)  RRK1 £16.95
 Remote Control Repeater Assembled (enclosure not included)



 Repeater Enclosure, Black  RREB £5.95

 Additional Infra Red Emitter

(One emitter is included with RRK1 & RRK2)



 Repeater Power Supply (state cable length when ordering)



Cable Length (m)

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