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Our products, kits and modules cover many different uses of electronics and technology.

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Wall Mounted Digital Clock Infra-Red Beam Alarm System Temperature Control Kit Remote Control Repeater Kit
LM317T Variable Voltage Regulator NE555 Oscillator and Timer Kits Digital Countdown Timer
Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Training Game Regulated mains adaptors for guitar effects pedals 7 segment and dot matrix LED display signs, custom built to your requirements 4 Digit Counter Module

Products are supplied fully built, cased and tested with instruction manuals

Modules are supplied fully built and tested and are designed as building blocks to be integrated into larger systems. Full instruction supplied.

Kits are supplied as blank PCBs and components. Basic soldering and assembly skills are required. Detailed instructions supplied.

Technical support and advice is available on all of our products, kits and modules. See the Contact page for our addresses.









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