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The power supplies shown below are suitable for powering guitar effects pedals. Both models feature a fully regulated 9v. output on 2.1mm. power connectors (centre pin negative) with all outputs connected in parallel. Inputs and outputs are fuse protected.

We can also adapt these designs to suit your own individual needs, eg. longer cables, different power connectors or different output voltages to suit your own equipment. Contact us with your requirements.

For all you guitarists out there: I have recently gone back to using pedals after many years of multi-effects (Boss GT6, ME6, Zoom 4040, 500 etc....) and I love the sound you get from all those little pedals much more than the big mulit-effect units.
HOWEVER - Powering up to 10 pedals can be a nightmare, I had 5 separate power supplies at one stage, with cables and plugs everywhere. I HAVE FOUND THE ANSWER: A small internet company called Circuit Innovations. I contacted them, letting them know I had 10 pedals, 9 were 9volts one was 24volts, 7 had one type of adaptor, the other 3 had different connections etc... I really didn't expect them to be able to help me much, but THEY DID. They supplied me one power supply to run all 10 pedals, they let me specify the cable length, connector types...everything, and were friendly and helpful throughout. For around £40 I now have a single power supply, regulated and silent for all my pedals. Please give them a chance if you are thinking of buying a power supply for your pedals, these guys are great, it's not often these days that you are so impressed by the service you receive from a company that you feel moved to tell everyone about them.... this is one of those times.
    Joe Muldoon.  Surrogate Pink Floyd

 6W Guitar PSU

6W Power Supply

Regulated 9v power supply for powering guitar effects pedals. Built-in mains plug. 5 outputs connected in parallel on 2.1mm. power connectors. Maximum current 650mA.

Dimensions 48 x 105 x 61mm. (excluding plug)

O/P Cable, 2m to first plug then at 30cm intervals


 12W Guitar PSU

12W Power Supply

Free standing regulated 9v power supply fitted with mains lead and 3 pin UK mains plug. 10 outputs connected in parallel on 2.1mm. power connectors. Maximum current 1.3A.

Box Dimensions 130 x 92 x 70mm.

Mains Cable length 2m.

Two O/P Cables, 2m to first plug then at 30cm intervals

 Adaptor Leads

The adaptor leads may be fitted to either of the power supplies shown above.




 GPSUA Adaptor Lead

 GPSUPP3 PP3 Battery Adaptor Lead

 GPSUPC Polarity Changer Adaptor Lead

The GPSUA lead features a 2.1mm. socket at one end and a 3.5mm. jack plug at the other. The lead may be required for some makes of pedal which use a jack plug instead of the usual 2.1mm. power plug.

Polarity: Tip positive, barrel negative.

  The GPSUPP3 lead features a 2.1mm. socket at one end and a PP3 battery connector at the other. The lead may be used to connect a power supply to a pedal which is solely battery powered and does not have a built-in power input socket.  

The GPSUPC lead is a polarity changer with a 2.1mm. line socket at one end and a matching 2.1mm. power plug at the other end.



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 6W Power Supply



 12W Power Supply



 GPSUA Adaptor Lead



 GPSUPP3 Adaptor Lead



 GPSUPC Adaptor Lead



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