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We can custom design and build electronic displays for many purposes such as shop price displays, exchange rates, clocks, calendars, production counters, countdown timers, etc. using 7 segment LED displays or dot matrix displays. LED displays are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours so please contact us to discuss your requirements and to find a display that is exactly suitable for your needs.

A few examples of our custom designs are shown below:

 Scoreboard for TV Quiz Show

The scoreboard consists of two dot matrix displays, one for each team.

The scores are entered on the keypad and are then sent to the displays using a serial data link.

Factory Manufacturing Output Counter

 Factory Manufacturing Output Counter

The counter consists of two displays with 4" (100mm.) high digits. The top display shows the required production target and the bottom display shows the number of products built so far.

The display is wall mounted with a remote keypad for entering the data.

Time and Temperature Display

The display alternates between the current time and the temperature, showing the time for 20 seconds and then the temperature for 10 seconds.

 Time and Temperature Display

The clock features a simple switch function to add or subtract one hour from the time to allow for BST / GMT daylight saving adjustments.

The temperature may be set to display either degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit.

 Time and Temperature DisplayTime and Temperature Display





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