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 DC1F Digital Clock
 High brightness digits, easy to read
 Hours and Minutes digits 25mm.
 Seconds digits 14mm. high
 Blinking colon between digits
 Dimensions 165 x 71 x 25mm.
 Supplied with full instructions

 wall mounted digital clock

DC1SW Digital Stopwatch

Following on from the success of the DC1F as a rally clock we have been asked to design a stopwatch based on the reliable construction of the DC1F. The DC1SW has the same external appearance as the DC1F but is programmed to work as a stopwatch instead of a clock. The digits show minutes, seconds and hundredths of a second with a maximum count time of 99 minutes, 59 seconds, 99 hundredths.

Start / Stop Keypad for DC1 StopwatchThe DC1SW features a reset button on the clock and a remote input socket for the connection of start and stop triggers, matching plug supplied. This allows it to be used as a timing device for sports and autosports events by adding a suitable trigger system such as infra red beams, microswitches, pressure pads, etc. Once triggered, the stopwatch will continue to run until the stop input is triggered and will then display the finished time until the reset button is pressed, eliminating the possibility of multiple triggers and the timer restarting accidentally.

We also supply a hand-held remote start / stop keypad so that the stopwatch may be controlled without the user having to reach up to the stopwatch itself, useful for rally co-drivers. The stopwatch and keypad may be bought together at a reduced price.

Dimensions 75 x 50 x 25mm. Cable length 2m.

DC1SW Features
 High brightness digits, easy to read  Visually the same as DC1F
 Minutes and Seconds digits 25mm. high  Dimensions 165 x 71 x 25mm.
 Hundredths digits 14mm. high  Supplied with full instructions

The clocks require a 9-15v 100mA dc supply. A suitable mains adaptor is available separately.

Bulk packs of 8 clocks are now available at a discounted price. See the Ordering Information below.

More Automotive Products

Circuit Innovations also design and supply the electronics for the FlatShifter range of gear shifting products. These products are primarily designed for motorbikes and bike-engined racing cars and enable fast gear shifting, both upshift and downshift, without the need to use the clutch.

The PCBs feature a double-sided layout with surface mount devices (SMD) on one side and larger through hole components on the other. As well as being much smaller, the SMD components are also more resistant to vibration. The top side of the PCB is potted in resin after testing to protect the larger components from vibration. The circuitry is also protected from electrical interference from the engine ignition circuits by the use of filters and also filtering written into the control software to allow the system to distinguish between electrical noise and valid input signals.

For further information please visit the FlatShifter web site.

TrickShifter PCB SMD side

TrickShifter PCB Top side


 Price / Ordering Information
 Order Code  Price

 Digital Clock  DC1F  £54.00
 Mains Adaptor (Please state required cable length when ordering)



Cable Length (m)

 Digital Clock Bulk Pack of 8



 Digital Stopwatch



 Digital Stopwatch Start / Stop Keypad



 Digital Stopwatch plus Start / Stop Keypad



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