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This slimline digital clock provides a high brightness, easy to read display for home or office use.

Display shows hours, minutes and seconds

Available in two case styles for easy wall mounting.


 wall mounted digital clock




 High brightness digits, easy to read

 Blinking colon between hours and minutes digits

 Hours and Minutes digits 25mm. high

 Dimensions 165 x 71 x 25mm.

 Seconds digits 14mm. high

 Supplied with full instructions


 Rally Clocks and Stopwatches

The DC1F is still a popular clock for use in rally cars and has proven to be reliable, tough and easy to read. We have built on this success and now have a stopwatch version for stage timings or as a stand-alone timer for race events, etc.

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The clock requires a 9-15v 100mA dc supply. A suitable mains adaptor is available separately.

Bulk packs of 8 clocks are now available at a discounted price. See the Ordering Information below.


 Price / Ordering Information
 Order Code  Price

 Digital Clock  DC1F  £54.00
 Mains Adaptor (Please state required cable length when ordering)



Cable Length (m)

 Digital Clock Bulk Pack of 8



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