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A variable voltage regulator circuit providing a fully regulated output between 1.25 and 30v at currents up to 1A.

An ideal educational project for beginners.

variable voltage regulator circuit 
 Adjustable output voltage from 1.25 to 30v  Click Here for the circuit theory
 Maximum output current 1A  of the LM317
 Fuse protected  
 PCB Dimensions : 58 x 58mm.  
 Supplied with full assembly instructions and circuit description  
 Available as a kit or ready-built  

Transformer Selection

A mains transformer is not supplied with this kit. The choice of transformer depends upon the voltage range that the regulator will be used at. It is recommended that the transformer voltage is slightly higher than the maximum output voltage required from the regulator. For example, if the kit is to be used to give an output voltage of 5-10v, it would be advisable to use a 12v transformer. Higher voltages could be used but this would lead to higher power dissipation in the regulator which would require an additional heatsink.


 Price / Ordering Information
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 LM317T Variable Voltage Regulator (Assembled)  LM317A  £26.95
 LM317T Variable Voltage Regulator (Kit)  LM317K  £16.95

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